ImageFoo for every image

ImageFoo for every image ImageFoo is one of the unique optimizers that compress images size 5 times less than before using advanced optimization technology that removes unwanted pixels inside images.


ImageFoo Compresses images

ImageFoo compresses images using advanced algorithms that detect and analyse images. After that it starts to compress images to a chosen quality by the user, in order to make the image smaller in size with the highest quality possible.


ImageFoo modern and simple

ImageFoo uses modern graphics languages to give you a nice look with simple non complex use just drag or click plus sign to add your images and hit optimize images and just wait a few seconds and you will see the results - it is that simple.


ImageFoo cross-platform

ImageFoo Supports both Windows and Android devices, ImageFoo uses modern languages to support different versions of windows and supports 98% of android versions, both of windows and android versions compresses multiple types of images with our advanced algorithms.